Public Service Announcement II

Everyone this will be Nagel’s Second Public Service Announcement that deals with Self Defense.

One of our good Friends was involved in a home invasion/ burglary situation. Fortunately everyone was OK with only Pride hurt. HOWEVER…there are lessons that we want to point out.

1. Have a plan. Just when you think nothing will happen to you is when it does. When you are faced with home invasion/ burglary is not the time to make plans. It is too late then and you will be scrambling.The time to plan your well being, your safety, and the Households safety is BEFORE something happens. Make no mistake, your safety and your Households safety is YOUR responsibility. You will come out of this more determined and confident or more afraid than ever. The police will be there to write reports AFTER the incident happens. Oooh and even a very short response time on their part is far, far too long when a stranger is outside, or inside, threatening you as our Friend found out.

2. This is the crust of the matter for today. You know Better! You know you should take just a bit of time to make Self Defense plans and discuss them with others in the Household. You know you need to practice a bit. You know you need to involve your significant other and make sure they are ready, willing, and able. You know this SO DO IT!!! Make those plans now, take a practice time out to Cedar Ridge Range and shoot a bit for fun. Keep your weapons where they are easily accessed by yourself and not others. Think about keeping several of the Biometric safes around so you can access your weapons in a hurry….Cause when you need them you need them NOW!!

Do not be a victim. A little planning and preparation is all it takes.


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