Nagel’s Public Service Announcement V : Awareness

At the link below you can watch as a robber forces a woman in Arlington at an ATM into the trunk of her car at gunpoint.…

A few things we would like to point out:

1. We are not sure of the location of the robber prior to the carjacking so we cannot say for sure that her awareness was down and she should have seen the guy and never stopped….

2. He surprised her and got the drop on her. It is easy to use hindsight and say she shoulda done this or she shoulda done that, but the reality is that once he had the drop on her, she was behind the curve and reacting to his actions. In other words, he was in control. That is a bad place to be.

We would like to point out that when he was sandwiched between the car and the ATM, she could have hit the accelerator….this would have ended bad for him but would he have fired and shot her…? Who knows. What we can say for sure is that once that car trunk was shut, she was in a Really bad place. Using your vehicle as a defensive tool was the subject of Nagel’s previous PSA, number IV. It is easy to forget the power you have with your car especially when you are surprised and in fear, so use this as a friendly reminder.

Bottom line here is that if you are reacting to someone else’s commands, they are in control….The idea is to never let yourself get in that position. Again, the idea of awareness is to not let yourself get into that position. ATM’s are notorious places for bad things to happen so be extra aware and cautious when you use one.

And remember to use your car as a defensive tool where applicable.

This has been Nagel’s V PSA.


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