All About Revolvers

Not sure which type of gun is right for you? As with any other tool, guns are good for some jobs and bad for others. Nagel’s Gun Shop, Inc is your best destination for firearms for home and personal defense and more in San Antonio. Here is some more background on the revolver:

The revolver cemented itself in the gun industry a long time ago. They are inexpensive and do the job of concealable personal protection very well. The trigger on most defensive revolvers tends to be long and heavy, meaning you will have to squeeze hard to fire the gun. Like any gun, it will take a fair amount of practice to become proficient at delivering accurate rounds quickly.

Revolvers are reliable, easy to conceal, and many are inexpensive. They do however have an Achilles’ heel. Many defensive revolvers only hold five rounds, and reloading can be cumbersome.

Contact us or stop by today to check out the revolvers we have available.


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