Check out our new neighbors: Safari Life Taxidermy


Safari Life Taxidermy is a professional full service studio, proudly offering a comprehensive line of taxidermy-related services:

Cleaning & Restoration
Trophy Installation & Room Design
Hunting & Photographic Safaris
Custom Designs
Insect Prevention

We are one of the leading taxidermists when it comes to African wildlife and their habitats. The 20+ years of field experience has given owner Brendon Wood the ability to create works of art that are truly accurate to each species and their environment.

Why choose Safari Life Taxidermy?

Our focus is on quality rather than quantity and we do not take any shortcuts.

Whether it’s African game or White-tailed deer, all hides are sent to commercial tanners whom we have been working with for years. We use of the best materials the industry has to offer and combined with our artistic abilities we are able to produce of the highest quality taxidermy in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Safari Life Taxidermy has a U.S.D.A facility to receive your sport hunted trophies from anywhere in the world.


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