Why You Should Wear Your Concealed Firearm in the Same Place Every Time

Everyone has different behaviors, styles of dress, and body compositions. There is no one position over another. It comes down to what is comfortable to you, where you feel confident, and where it is easy to get to quickly.

5 Tips For Concealed Carry This Winter

Create a lasting habit this winter by carrying in the same place every time. Make sure you find the right place for you during cold weather.


Invest in a Good Belt for Concealed Carry

downloadThe most common factor for people having issues with carrying is that they usually do not have a good belt. The belt is the most central and vital to any carry array. I’m surprised by the lack of information and discussion about this central piece. There is a very distinct type of belt for carrying.

Look for belts that have durable material and are thick and wide. Avoid belts that feel flimsy or can be bent across their width. Problems with printing, holster ride, and chaffing (to name a few) stem from an improper belt that cannot support the weight of a firearm.

Texas Firearms

Here at Nagel’s we have one of the largest collections of new and used firearms in Texas. We have something for just about anyone for hunters, collectors and shooters.


Texas Concealed Handgun License Class Schedule

Matt Thompson, Instructor

February, 2016
Cost $39.95
Register at:

Classes begin at 9:00 am
February 14. 16, & 28 2016

Saturday Classes for beginning
Shooters, Call for details!

Call 210 960-0706 for more information
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Shooting Fundamentals

Becoming a competent shooter requires mastering the basics—to the point that they become practically instinct. Below are six detailed shooting fundamentals. Whether you’re a beginner looking for an introduction to shooting or an experienced marksman reviewing your form, it can help quite a bit.