Nagel’s Story

In his garage, Homer Nagel began customizing military rifles for hunting and
shooting sports. With growing demand he and his son, Robert H. Nagel, established
a retail store front and they began selling firearms, accessories and gunsmithing
services. With strength, drive, and sacrifice, the Nagel family transformed an idea in a
garage to one of the largest family owned gun stores in Texas.


Gun Tips for a Better Grip

Position The Gun In Your Hand So You Can Reach The Trigger

The angle the gun sits in relation to your arm is not that important. Being able to place your finger properly on the trigger is.

Don’t try to align the barrel of the pistol with your arm.

Practice Holding On Tight

Gripping properly will not just happen. Most think it will just come with practice, but it doesn’t unless you think about it. One area that dry fire can really help is maintaining a tight grip while pulling the trigger.

It’s easy to pick up bad habits from dry firing with no live fire to support the techniques being learned. If you never have to deal with effects of the gun firing, muzzle flip and recoil, you will never learn how to control them.

Learn the hand positions and make yourself do them correctly. Remember, you will do whatever you teach yourself to do. Once you memorize a technique, good or bad, that is what is likely to occur when you shoot under pressure.

How to Load a Hand Gun


To Load:

  1. Make sure you pick up the weapon with your firing hand and lock the slide back with your non dominate hand.
  2. Make sure the rounds are seated properly with the finger of your non firing hand.
  3. Seat the magazine firmly.

To Unload:

  1. Make sure weapon is on safe if it has a safety.
  2. Release magazine, make sure your non firing hand has the magazine under control.
  3. Pull and lock the slide to the rear, don’t get fancy and try to catch the round.
  4. Inspect the chamber and put the gun down.


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